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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 6, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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released their. >> reporter: how paramedics and emts in the south bay are responding to a different kind of emergency. barry bonds is due back in doubt in about one hour. why this could be the biggest day yet in his perjury trial. also, the storms are over but there is a new emergency in california this morning. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, april 6th. this morning, the red cross is finding new places to live for more than 100 people chased out of their homes by a fire in the san francisco tenderloin district. it happened last night on eddie street. ktvu's jade hernandez has just learned that the fire department will soon be investigating a cause. good morning, jade.
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>> reporter: good morning. that's right. we've just learned that fire investigators are expected to be out here in an hour. the american cross found homes for residents here. this is where the fire broke out. one man we found saw the fire trucks arrive. >> it was chaos. this truck was lit up all the way to the top. there was a lady up there with a baby. it was sad because you felt helpless. >> reporter: the american red cross transported 63 people to nearby hotels by way of a muni bus. 26 people with special needs are being held through the tenderloin development group which answer the towers -- which answer the towers. 22 people suffered smoke
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inhalation. they were taken to the hospital. the building is located at 201 eddie, at eddie and taylor in the tenderloin. this is a 6th floor apartment building with 75 apartments. the cause is still unknown at this hour. but as i men shueed -- mentioned, fire investigators are expected to be out here in an hour. we do know that the fire began in the garbage shoot. we'll have more on this coming up in just about an hour. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. 7:02. well, today family members, friends and coworkers will hold a big fund-raiser for brian stow. he's the fan beaten in the parking lot of the giants' parking lot, where the game was. there's evidence of brain damage. kraig debro has more after
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talking with brian's coworkers. he's back with informs about how you can be -- how you can be part of the fund-raiser. >> reporter: good morning, dave. everybody liked brian, said he's easy to get along with. today, they are having a fund- raiser. all of the emts are -- are wearing this ribbon to show solidarity with brian. published reports say stow may have brain damage. stow traveled to watch the giants play the game last thursday. today at noon, fellow paramedics and emts at amr are hold a -- will hold a cookout for brian's family. one coworker said they are used to seeing these kind of
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injuries. but it's usually something they don't know. >> when it hits home like this, it's very frustrating, sad. all of us have been trying. we just try to get through. >> reporter: now, there were two friends with brian stow during the attack. they were not seriously injured as a result of the attack but they could not intervene. they said that the attackers just held them off. it's not just coworkers who are helping. the giants announced a $10,000 denation to the -- donation to the stow stunned. the address is 1670 las plume as avenue, the cookout is from noon -- starts at noon. barry bonds is due in court
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in about one hour. this could be a very big day in his perjury trial. bonds could take the witness stand in his own defense. allen ruby made that statement late yesterday. ruby says it's possible bonds could be the only person who takes the witness stand for the defense. the prosecution rested yesterday after presenting seven days of testimony and more than a dozen witnesses. the trial is moving more quickly than anyone first expected. closing arguments are expected to begin tomorrow. that case could go to the jury on friday. but more than likely, the start of next week. tara moriarty will have an update outside the courthouse at 7:30. santa clara police have a warning for young girls. there have been reports, several reports of young women being offered a ride. the man is described as a
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latino man, he's bald on top. has short hair on both side of his head and he has a mustache of his car is described as a white pickup or white suv. if you have information, contact police. a couple's home was internet after they tried to pull the connection on the city for the internet. they said they made the request that they were angry because a cell phone antenna would be built in their neighborhood. the richmond city council has killed a controversial plan to build a waterfront casino. the polo indian tribe hopes to build a $1.7 billion with hotels, restaurants, shops and a huge gaming floor. last night council members
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decided there are other issues and they nixed the project. they are now directing staff members to begin negotiations for an alternative plan. a deteriorating levee, "the modesto bee" reports water has risen eight feel near goals lake. they say there's no emergency yet. local crews are gearing up for mosquito control. they say pools from water from the march rainfall along with the sun have created perfect mosquito breeding grounds. along with their bytes -- bytes
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mosquitoes can carry nasty diseases. >> i was worried about this, with all of rain we're getting you figured we would get -- we would get to this point. how is the toll plaza now 134. >> pretty heavier. we've been watching it. it keeps getting bussier and bussier. it could even out and stay this way for a while. has what we're hoping and eventually improve in the 8:00 hour. that sometimes happens. right now, traffic is moving okay into the golden gate bridge, what a nice-looking shot. southbound traffic looks good. also we're looking at the peninsula, highway -- highway 101. b.a.r.t. is reporting a ten-minute delay. we don't know why yet so we're gonna get on the phone with
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b.a.r.t. a little cool. ukiah, 38 degrees. it's 44 and raining up in crescent city. for us, it will be sunny here for a while and then clouds later on in the afternoon. the breeze will pick up. it's already windy along the coast but not too bad. a lot of sun taking us into the early-morning afternoon hours. cold and wid afternoon on thursday. it -- cold and windy on thursday. the days are longer. you bring in extremely cold air that's a good recipe for possible thundershowers. our system yet just boot scooted on out of here but it left behind a cooler air mass.
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i can see some low clouds starting to scream down the post in vadians of the system which is getting closer. santarosa, napa, 40 degrees. they've been going down this in the last couple of hours. 43 livermore, 43 redwood city, 47, hayward, mountain view and san jose for your wednesday morning trifecta. i don't think out any taxes so you can paid well. 46 concord, 60, and then 66 for a high as those clouds get closer. there's our cold system. now, again the main core of the low will go right over land. if it went over water, we'd be talking about a lot more rain but the big news is the cold air coming in behind it. about .500 could cover it. it will be -- the plunge level -- the snow will plunge to
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2500. it will be a cooler day tomorrow, even though it's sunny. so 50s and 60s bayside. redwood city, 67. santacruz which, two days ago was 82. a -- was 82. they will be 65. giants' home opener i would lean on the cold and wind. what i'm concerned about saturday morning for some critical minimums for a few hours. state lawmakers are considering creating the nation's first law to regulate internet tracking by website operators. a do-not-track law would affect consumers who don't want advertisers too collect information about their online lab bits. the first hearing on this bill
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is set for april 26th. running out of time as the government moves closer to a shutdown. we'll go live to washington, d.c. to learn why it's so hard for the president to schedule budget talks today. a senior boeing official says they are so described -- surprised to hear about the five-foot hole put in the southwest plane.
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good morning. skies are clear. a little cool. some low 40s. upper 40s to the north. we'll have sunshine and then increasing clouds later on. highs mainly in the mid- to upper 60s. look at this. this video shot april 1st,
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north carolina, no joke. a two by four smashing through the windshield of a car. the woman was not hurt. this has been verified to be all the sly -- absolutely -- this has been verified to be absolutely reel. the faa has ordered high- tech testing for certain older boeing 737s. the move comes after a southwest airlines 737 jetliner was forced to make an emergency landing last week with a hole in its fuselage. the national transportation safety board says cracks developed on the 7 7 -- 737 lap
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joint. lap joints on 737s were expected to last through 60,000 flights. the southwest jet forced to make an emergency landing last week had made only 40,000 flights. 7:15. well, democrats and republicans in congress are still arguing. there's still -- they are still billions of dollars apart in their budget fight. alison burns reports on the latest bickering between the two parties on the floor of the senate just within the last hour. alison? >> reporter: that's right, dave. they've just come into session. democrats and republicans are pointing the finger at each other already. >> sort of sat on the sidelines taking potshotsed a everything that republicans propose, while rooting for a shutdown. president obama has invited republicans back to the white
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house to try again to hash out a deal. he's traveling most of the day and no time for the meeting has been set. house speaker john boehner says he will keep pushing for deeper spending cuts. if a shutout happens, the consequences would be delays. national parks would be closed, your tax return might be delayed. and those workers who are not in essential jobs would be sent home for the day. there are questions about whether combat troops would be paid on time. reporting live from alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. it's 7:17. we're now learning more about president obama's schedule during his bay area visit late ther month. the president will hold a town hall style meeting at facebook in palo alto on april 20th. the rest of his visit will
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focus on fund-raising. that includes a dinner for $ 35,800. there will also be a less sper -- expensive event with tickets priced between $25 and $2500. florida congresswoman debbie wasserman is in line to become the next chair of the democratic national committee. she would replace tim kaine. she are not give up her seat in the house. a setback in the city of oakland's plan to reduce its $46 million budget deficit. the city council will not approve an emergency declaration that would have cleared the way for a special city election. council members who voted against it cited open government rules. they said there wasn't enough public notice. oakland mayor's -- oakland mayor has asked for a special
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session next week. the governor told the state parks department to come one a list of parks to be closed to save $11 million this year, $22 million next year. so far, the governor's office has not released the list. however, a spokesman said there are dozens of parks on the list. some nonprofit groups say they may be able to raise money to keep some of the parts open but first they need to know which ones are scheduled to be closed. 7:18. you might call it a sting operation. the unusual place a bay area woman found some buzzing bees.
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concord police are looking for two men who they say robbed a store at gunpoint. robbery happened at 5:30 yesterday afternoon in the 1800 block of monument boulevard. police say the two men walked into the store, pointed their guns at an employee and left with an unknown amount of cash. their only -- there are only vague descriptions of the men. police say they are both african-american, of 6 feet tall, one had severe acne. both had on black hoodies and a white shirt. according to the government, the lowest teen birth in this nation was had since world war ii and 70 out of every 1,000 american teenaged girls gave birth in the '70s. however, the u.s. still has the i highest birth rate of any other nation. there is a new study out on teen alcohol and drug use. it's a disturbing trend. according to the met life foundation. 45% of teenagers think it's no big deal to drink five or more drinks a day. it also shows the average age for first-time drinkers, 14 years old. the studies show the teenagers who drink before the age of 15, are more likely to have drinking problems as adults. a pleasanton woman got the shock of her life after discoveringerring that thousands of bees had built a nest in her porsche. she called a pest control office. they called a beekeeper who was able to save the -- save the bees by sucking it out with a vacuum. we have a major problem on interstate 80, don't we, sal? >> we do. it's a multi-injury crash. traffic is backed up almost all the way back to the golden gate bridge. one of the things you should do, you should think about using the benicia bridge and heading on 680 and then you might want to use highway 24. let's take a look at highway 24 right now. some people -- it looks good. if you are a highway 24 driver be aware that some people already know this shortcut in situations like this. it's a little bit busy, as you can see. as we tilt down, it's busy in la fayette. give yourself plenty of time. newschopper2 is on the way to take a look at this and we'll have complete coverage for you.
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let's take a look look at bay bridge. you-- take a look at the bay bridge. you will see traffic getting lighter. why? because of the crash up there. we'll follow that for you. it will be a nice day. but not as warmed a monday and tuesday. we're waiting for a very cold system for this time of year to move in by late tonight and tomorrow. but today, at least we have sunshine. if you have to get out there and do outdoor activities do it early. again, more likely tomorrow is when the system will arrive. temperatures in the low, mid and upper 40s. not far away for san rafael, redwood city or livermore. our system is coming right down out of the gulf of alaska. it's leading down here fast. sunny, you turning cloudy by this evening. upper 50s, low to mid-60s.
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if the wind turns northerly for a couple of hours, we could see a 70 or so. but that will be it for a couple of days. the cold air which could linger into saturday morning could have problems. sunday night, another weak system comes in. there's new hope for pro football -- pro football fans today. today, a federal judge could decide to grant an injunction to end the lockout. we'll have a live report in about 15 minutes about star players who may end the lockout. two richmond police officers are on leave, accused of buying handguns for local teenagers. officer-- officers thomas and harris are accuse of purchasing handguns for two tasers and had
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them -- teenagers and have them patrol the area. >> i thought it was actually a good learning experience, like a step forward in becoming a police officer. >> now, rios and torres say they gave officer harris $500 for the handguns. they were two of 18 richmond explorers for this private security company. the two officers are filing discrimination lawsuits against the richmond police department. they are a private security company, reportedly still operating. but we've not been able to contact them for comment. 7:27. a group spends the day in san francisco's castro district. we'll tell you why this trip is stirring up a lot of -- stirring up a lot of controversy. >> reporter: i'm tara moriarty live at the san francisco courthouse. we'll find out if barry bonds will take the stand -- coming
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up. and a federal officer becomes the target of a lawsuit. the scheme he's accused of cooking up.
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7:306789 barry bonds is due back in -- 7:30. barry bonds is due back in court in about 30 minutes and today could feature the main event of his perjury trial. tara moriarty is live outside
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the courthouse. tara, what could happen today? >> reporter: well, he could take the stand or the prosecution could be bluffing. one important development we want to mention from yesterday, the judge is actually dismissing one of the charges against bonds. and she will also consider whether or not to strike some of the material presented by prosecutors. that would include the portion of the ex-mistress kimberly bell's testimony when she talks about bonds's test tickle -- test cal shrinking -- testicle shrinking. now, the witness hosskin said he talked to ting 50 times about bonds's alleged steroid use. ting said that never happened. the judge said the audio was so
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bad, she tossed it out. that was a big blow to the defense. back here live, if you take a look in front of the courthouse, you can see all of the photographers milling about. they are waiting for the moment when bonds arrives. he usually arrives around 8:10, give or take a couple of minutes. and in this case, we'll probably -- and this case will probably go to the jury starting tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you, tara. 7:32. well, san francisco's city attorney is suing a chef who runs a you can lin airy school about -- cullin nare aschool. lawsuit claims he promised them a job if he worked his catering
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events. oakland police report a 5% drop in crimes in the central area, which includes downtown oakland and either side of international boulevard. police say murders, assaults, burglaries and robberies are down. police are also telling residents as the weather gets warmer, it's real important that you make sure you lock your windows and doors when you leave home. 7:34. oakland's drilling -- >> we drill and to hold the charges in, we foam the end. it seals it. >> so each of these holes have suffered explosive -- >> yes. >> ktvu got exclusive access inside the building where each of the trouble's 15 columns, 1500 columns are now embedded
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with -- structure's 15 columns are now embedded with this material. san francisco police are looking for a man and a woman who attacked a political protesters carrying a controversial sign. this happened near golden gate park. police say demonstrators had drawn a hitler mustache over a picture of president obama. police only have a vague description of the male attacker, an asian with long, black hair. the woman attacker is described as white 5'6" with long, curly brown hair. anyone with information is asked to -- is asked to contact the police department.
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7:34. contra costa county sheriff's deputies are investigating a shooting in moraga. this happened yesterday around 4:45 in the afternoon around rancho laguna park. police say one person was shot and later airlifted to john muir hospital of walnut creek to have emergency surgery. after the shooting, chp helicopters searched for suspects and police dogs were brought in to search as well. a few people said they heard the gunshot but so far, no witnesses have come forward to seeing anything. the alameda bomb squad blew up what appeared to be a world war ii grenade. >> 3, 2, 1! >> now, a woman in alameda found that grenade while spring cleaning in her garage and immediatelily called 911.
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the bomb squad arrived and took it away. police say she did the right thing by not handling that device. police arrested 18-year-old deonato holmes on monday night. he's in jay. investigators say he approached a group of people in a car friday night and demanded cash from them. he ran after after the people didn't have any money. police wasted -- arrested him and found a fake glove -- a fake gun and gloves nearby. police wonder if he is part of other crimes. kevin anthony's trial is underway in santa rosa in the 2005 rain of an 87-year-old bomb and a 15-year-old girl. anthony's attorney is
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questioning the woman's story. timothy kates's body has been found. his body was found monday by a family hiking along the san low presence river in felton -- san lorens river. a northern california soldier is being honored for saving a child's life in afghanistan. marquez marquez already received the medal from general pe tray just. he - - general petraeus. the soldier heads back tomorrow for his second tour of duty.
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bracing now for caltran cuts. a proposal that won tentative approval earlier this week would cut the number of trains from 86 to 76. how far, it would still preserve most of the train service. it would also close down three stations. this all comes after a final approval tomorrow. caltrain anticipates a $31 million budget deficit. well, the train is usually the way to go. sal is tell us about two crashes in the north bay. >> that's right. this one is west 80 at the hercules exit, willow avenue. i want to show it to you on the map here. it's a multi-vehicle crash on 80. traffic is backing up to the carquinez bridge. one my -- one of my tweeter people said people are moving at one mile an hour and they are bailing off the freeway and
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using some of the side roads to get around this crash. now, nearby in sonoma county on highway 37 westbound at 121, it's a flipped over truck. chp has issued a sig-alert there and getting word of a new accident in concord, concord 680 north of gregory lane, heard a lot of police cars on the way to that. if you ever want to give me a tip you can find me at traffic page or on twitter. westbound 24, getting up to the call -- up to the caldecott tunnel will be bussier -- busier. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we have sunshine now. a nice tweet from lori. sunny, yay! yes, it is. tomorrow you may not say that. we have a very cold system
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coming in. it's gonna be very cold around here on thursday and friday, mostly cloudy, colder, windy, not a lot of rain with the system. but if there's any moisture still around by friday morning we could have low snow levels by 2500 feet. we'll have sunshine here for a while i think by -- by early afternoon, it will be getting closer and closer. >> not much wind yet but it is beginning to pick up in the higher elevations and along the coast. it's all over the map, i've seen west, south, east, north. it will turn southerly as system gets closer. a high of 66 today. yesterday's system, it did exactly what we thought. it just ushered in a cooler air mass. temperatures were right about where they should be forecast.
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the main impact lightning the cold and the wind -- will be the cold and the wind out of this. there's a lot of cold air. snow levels will go down. today, sunny, it will pick up the in the wind department. not yet. but it's getting a little breezy. even with the sun, it's gonna be a cooler today. upper 50s low 60s. also, the low clouds and fog are racing down the coast. upper 50s, fifths should be the end result -- 60s should be the end result. mid-60s, upper 60s from san mateo, 66, same for freemont, san jose, los gatos, 68. tomorrow, everything is changing big time a lot of
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clouds, rain, windy. giants' home opener, brace for wind or cold or rain. temperatures will be chilly. saturday morning, critical minimums are possible in wind- protected areas. cover some plants. we'll deal with this. at least the day will be sunny and then partly sunny, a system comes in late sunday/early monday. in japan, the utility that owns the damaged nuclear plant says it's stopped a leak of contaminated water. tokyo electric says the contaminated water had been gushing out in a large storage tank into the position oath. the water was 745 million times the legal limit for water. that was found nearby. and the earthquake that hit japan last month severely damaged the material of wafers.
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option. rebel fighters in libya are demanding more air -- >> rebel fighters in libya are demanding more air support. in recent days, troops to moammar gadhafi have forced the rebels to retreat. 41 homicides in four days. what led to this level of violence in one mexican city. what's happening today that could determine the future of the national football league.
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stocks are opening higher as investors brush aside worries about japan's nuclear crisis and the conflict in libya. minutes of the most recent meeting of the federal reserve show few signs the central bank plans on making changes to the program. right now, the dow is up 51. nasdaq is up 18. s&p is up 5. also a new report released this morning shows retail sales were up last month compared to march 2010. but the master card spending pulse report shows growth was slower in some kat gories. -- categories. online sales rose. diamond food plans to buy pringle foods. the deal is worth $1.5 billion and could triple diamond's
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annual revenues. the move would get procter & gamble out of the food business. 125 workers in the east bay are scheduled to lose their jobs next month. victims of automation -- the contra costa times reports that the firm is -- is shutting down. they are based in contra costa. they have a few other offices. those offices are not closing. witnesses say troops loyal to the leader and several hundred people have been killed between the rival forces and the ivory coast. the violence in mexico's
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most dangerous city, ciudad juarez, reached a frightening milestone, 4100 homicides. the recent, a 10-year-old boy shot and killed in an aim meant for his father. the violence is all the result of turf wars between rival drug trafficking gangs. the golden state warriors host the nba champions lakers tonight. this game start -- starts off on unusual ground. the lakers are coming off a close loss to utah. a new census reports that america might be a minority white nation. america's white population is expected to be in the minority sometime this decade. the earlier forecasts had
7:49 am
predicted that would happen in 2023. 7:48. still ahead -- a new wireless network reportedly is about to be launched. why some say it could be more harmful than helpful.
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a federal judge will decide whether to end the nfl lockout. tom brady, drew brees and peyton manning are among some of the players who filed a lawsuit to end this lockout. sandra endo is live with information about how the nfl will responding -- respond to the ruling. >> reporter: if the federal judge decides to end this lockout, the nfl will likely file an appeal. $9billion in revenue for the league actually and owners take a billion off the top of that, leaving 60% to the players
7:52 am
after all is said and done. players want a little bit more. owners want to also add two more games to the season. that's something players have not agreed upon because of the rate of injuries and also the players want the league owners to open up their books to see if this accounting is accurate, that these owners are saying that the costs have been going up and the cost to promote these games are on the rise as well. clearly there's an impact. that's what got these two sides in this position to begin with. and now a federal judge will decide whether they side on players or the owners. but keep in mind, this lockout would be the first since 1987 and could affect the start of the season in september when a lot of that stake -- when a lot is at stake, not only for the players but for all of the support staff that goes into play when these games begin.
7:53 am
pam? >> thank you, sandra. sandra endo live in washington. 7:52. well, nurses at stanford and lucile packard hospital will be voting tomorrow on the new report after reaching a tentative agreement over the weekend. it's a three of year deal. it includes pay raises. 2 also forbids changes to a promotion system. a new study shows the risk of stroke and other health problems in women fade when they stop taking the hormone estrogen. now, women often take estrogen in their 50s to avoid the symptoms of menopause. researchers say the new study says worries about health issues are largely unfunded for the women who take the hormone for just a short toward of -- period of time. a san francisco san francisco ridiculed around the country is spreading to other cities. an ordinance about the happy
7:54 am
meals, the councilman wants to keep the restaurants from offering, toys, games and other incentives in kid meals unless those meals are deemed nutritional. homelessness could become a higher priority in the city of vallejo. the organization is considering moving the issue of homelessness to the second highest priority in the city. now, do be that could fight more money. right now, the issue ranks number 3 on the list. this comes after low and low- income vent -- very low and low- income first-time home buyers. a new wareless connection could reroute your gps. light square is running on airwaves on a band next to those used by gps.
7:55 am
critics say it could interfere with everything from airplanes to police cars. we want to go back to sal. it's been a busy morning in traffic. where's news chopper -- chopper 2 now? >> it's on 80 null. look at all of this slow traffic -- it's on 80. they've leered that accident -- cleared that accident. but the traffic is still very, very slow. look at all of to traffic heading down -- daughter heading down to the toledo area -- toll play -- in the toll plaza area. newschopper2 is headed to another crash on highway 47 for us. let's take a look at the bay
7:56 am
bridge toll plazale the traffic will be okay here as we just predicted. a lot of people are stuck on 80. it it are -- it will be lighter here. since so many's commute in the northbound is busy getting up to 17, whatever -- i was told there is an accident on widget. motorcycle down. let's go to steve. sal, sunshine out there. it will be a nice, sunny morning and then the clouds will start to roll in. the winds are not too bad yet -- are too bad yet. we're getting this all over the map. i've seen west-southwest, west, south. we're waiting for the system to roll down. just heard from ron in crescent city, but it's 45 degrees. rain is getting close to eureka. temperatures going up now, 50 concord, 50 hayward, 50 in san jose. santarosa and napa were down to
7:57 am
40. they are now 44 and 46. 48 san francisco. 45 oakland. but temperatures with a south wind should start to come up. that-- that system is driving southward. a sunny day, blustery. even with the sun, it will be a cooler day. tomorrow we really take the temperatures down, cold, windy, light rain. possible showers on monday. looks like the giants' home omer windy and dry. >> okay. 7:57 a big fire in the tenderloin sent several people to the hospital last night. a new development that's suspected to -- that's expected in the next hour.
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good morning. there is a problem in marin
8:00 am
county. and why a company is holding a fund-raiser today for a coworker. barry bonds is dued about -- barry bonds is due back in court this morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. we have to go right to sal about an accident. >> this truck crashed -- you can see there's quite a big backup all the way back to the sears point on 37 near 121. there is a truck that was leaking diesel fuel. it's disabled so they have to get it out of there.
8:01 am
so the truck is going to be causing delays all the way. 37 is gonna be extra slow getting into marin county. we'll let you know more about this coming up. remember, there are also big backups on 80 because of earlier problem. we'll wrap this up for you. back to the desk. in san francisco, firefighters are still keepings an eye on the -- keeping an eye on the tenderloin district. a three-alarm fire raced through a six-story building last night jade hernandez -- last night. jade hernandez is live with more. >> reporter: we can tell you that investigators have already pulled in here and went into the building. we can tell you this morning that 22 people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. we've been out here for four hours. firefighters had too rescue some residents last night --
8:02 am
had to rescue some residents last night. >> there was so much smoke in the hallway when i went out in the hall. >> and there was screaming and i looked out my window and it started up the first floor and wept up to the fire chute and went to the top -- went up to the fire chute and went to the hop >> reporter: these towers are located on eddie and taylor. firefighters say flames spread from the garbage chute up the floor and crawled up to the 6th floor. part of the roof collapsed and firefighters had to rescue about half a dozen people. 111 residents are staying elsewhere thanks to the residence cross. we watched residents make their
8:03 am
way to a muni bus where they were taken to hotels. as i mentioned earlier, more than the 2200 residents were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. no one is being allowed back in the building right now. now, i -- firefighters have also fought -- fought a flareup on the roof around 4:00 this morning the that's what kept the firefighters out here on fire watch. they are trying to determine the cause of this three-alarm fire. they know it shot in the garbage chute and shot all the -- all the way up to the 6th floor. >> thank you, jade. it's three minutes after 8:00. in a few hours, family members, friends and coworkers will hold a fund-raiser for brian stow who was brutally beaten in the parking lot at dodger stadium. right now, stow remains in a coma. his doctors say his prognosis is guarded. there's evidence of brain
8:04 am
damage. kraigdebro is live on the effort. >> reporter: good morning. by the way, the reward money leading to the arrests in this case is already up $1,000 -- $100,000. here in san jose there will be another money-raising effort. take a look at some of the charcoal they brought in and this huge grill. people at amr are hoping this will be a success. the giants are helping raise money to help the family recover from the violent assault. stow's family says they are trying to raise as much money as possible. the goal is to free his family over the concern of the finances so his family can worry about his heath and not the bills. $7,000 has already been raised here. the 41-year-old santa cruz man has two kids an an -- and an ex-
8:05 am
wife. police say stow's assailant were wearing dodgers' gear during the attack. >> i think it's sad that the fans are willing to do something like this. the dodgers didn't even lose that day. there's nothing really to be upset over. >> reporter: they will have a silent auction on friday night. this whole incident has made national news. espn has reported on it and brought -- it brought together the mayors of l.a. and san francisco, both promising security, extra security, when the teams are playing arch rivals. back to you. >> thank you, kraig. for more information go to there is a fan-beating tab on the front page. it details the fund-raisers. stories on the victims and the clips from the news conference
8:06 am
in l.a. 8:05. well, barry bonds is expected back in court at any moment. and this could be a very big day in his perjury trial. barry bonds may take the witness stand in his own defense. the defense attorney made that surprise -- announcement yesterday when he was leaving the courthouse. ed about could be the only person who takes the stand for the defense. the prosecution rested their case yesterday. the trial is moving a lot faster than anyoner -- ever expected. closing arkments are expected to go tomorrow. the case could go to the jury on friday but more likely the start of next week. tara moriarty is out there. she'll have a live update at 8:30. there's a warning this morning for young girls in san rafael. police say there have been
8:07 am
several reports of young girls we approached by a man offering them a ride to san francisco. he's described as an hispanic man in his 40s. his car is described as a white mazda pickup or white suv. anyone with information is asked to call san ratch fell police. a palo alto couple says their home was vandalized -- vandalized after their -- they say board were ripped off and januaryed in the automatic gates. they say it's because they asked an internet company to stop providing the city with free ack jess -- access. richmond city council has just killed a controversial plan for a waterfront casino. the indian tribe wanted to build a $1.7 billion casino complex with hotels,
8:08 am
restaurants -- restaurants, shops and a huge gaming floor. but last night the richmond city council decided there were too many undeep sided issues and slammed the door on any further conversation of the project. council members same they are following voters -- voters who reejected the pressure sigs -- proposition. a deteriorating levee has prompted an evacuation. rising water has eroded 8 feet into the levee near gomes lake. stanislaus county investigators say there's no immediate danger but they are watching this area closely. the emergency declaration could help security financeal help from the state and the federal government. local crews are out there getting ready for mosquito season and the need for spraying. for all of the rain we've received in the spring time. they are checking for pools of water that are turning into
8:09 am
sunny, warm mosquito breeding grounds. along with those bites, mosquitoes also carry diseases. so everyone is being reminded to empty those containers of standing water and your home and to call investigator control -- victor if you have any concerns -- victor if you have any concerns about the spraying. let's go to sal. you can see some of the diesel spilled from this big rig has been soaked up with absorbent material. the big rig has to be hooked up to that huge tow truck. this is causing kind of a big backup on 37 at 121. give yourself extra time giving
8:10 am
-- driving toward marin county. westbound, eastbound might be getting an eyeful of this a and slowing down at the scene. sometimes people slow down. this moving's commute at the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up. you can see it's getting lighter and a lot of people were late this morning getting to the toll plaza. you may want to sneak in ahead of them getting -- getting into san francisco before everyone shows up. let's go to steve. sunshine out there. we'll start to see the wind pick up and the clouds come in later on. we have a lot of sun. a little cool this morning. mostly sunny, cooler today. breezy but it will be mostly sunny for a while. tomorrow much colder, cloudy, some off-and-on showers. nothing too heavy in the rain
8:11 am
d. but windy and cold a and that will take us into friday -- cold, and that will take us into friday. giants' home opener looks to be the best bet for rain. it won't be very warm. we have one system that went by that moved south. that's ushered in a slightly cooler air mass. a couple was up -- 38 degrees in -- we may have below- freezing temperatures by saturday morning as that system starts to get closer. concord's in there, oakland's in that there, same for hayward. 4 santa rosa. they were 40. the wind was north at 14. we'll go 60 at noon. and then clouds will increase later in the day. i think by noon shouldn't fine
8:12 am
-- should be just fine santa rosa, southwest fairfield, same for concord and oakland. so that southerly direction is getting its act together in agency of that system right there. it's a -- inancation of getting -- agency of getting its act together -- anticipatoin of getting its act together. very windy on the coast and some of the other elevations, higher elevations. 50s, 60s, fog is being raced down the coast. upper 60s to near 0 for a few -- to 70 for a few. the clouds will start to roll in in the north bay. on the five-day, sunny. but the wind is getting stronger and tomorrow really cold, cloudy, off and on rain. we'll carry that cold into
8:13 am
friday morning and then clearing out. saturday looks good but saturday morning will be really cool in wind-protected areas. we're watching san francisco outside the federal courthouse. we're looking at that car. we believe in that car pulling up to the federal courthouse is barry bonds arriving for another day in his perjury trial. you can see the car that's driving up and pulling into the parking space there. the media standing outside, that's normally the type of vehicle he arrives in. we're just peeking right now. the main reason we want to see this is this could be the day that barry bonds takes the witness stand. >> there he is. >> there he is. barry bonds has just arrived at the federal courthouse. he's checking in to go to the
8:14 am
security czech. and his attorney said yesterday, it's very possible barry bonds could testify in his own defense today in the federal perjury trial and he may well be the only person to testify for the defense. tori, we saw him as he arrived and it was live on "mornings on 2." >> and he and his team are going through security as they go through the courtroom. tara moriarty will have an update coming up in a little bit. 8:14. robbed inside her own classroom. how police say a preschool teacher fought back against the thief. and julieen assange will appear for his extradition hearing. we're learning when that trial will take place.
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
good morning. we have sunshine. it will be sunny and news. highs today mainly in the mid- to upper -- sunny and news. highs will be, mainly in the 70s. july 12th is the hearing for julie an assange's --
8:18 am
julian's singe's trial. julian assange's trial. in stockton, police are searching for a man who robbed a preschool teacher right in her own classroom. it happened at hazelton elementary school around 7:30 yesterday morning. no children were in the classroom at the tie. the school doesn't have security cameras but some parents say changes are needed. everybody should have a little bit more. >> it was early in the morning. maybe they need to have more security around. >> police say the teacher was bruised and abrasions after the scuffle with the suspect but she's expected to be okay. congress remains deadlocked over the february -- federal
8:19 am
budget. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with more. >> reporter: democrats and republicans at this point seem to be digging in their heels and with two and a half days left before a potential shutdown, we're taking a a close -- we're taking a closer look at what that might mean for you. tax refunds could be delayed, national parks and facilities will be closed. a large number of federal workers who don't perform -- perform what are considered essential offices -- essential services will be sent home. this guide is being distributed. >> this is a guidance in case we have the worst-case scenario. it is the prudent thing to do. >> reporter: president obama is calling on lawmakers to act
8:20 am
like grownups and reach a deal but they are reportedly stuck on issues like pell grants and subsidies. republicans want bigger cuts. back to you. >> thank you. 8:19. it's video that was shot on april 1st in north carolina but it was no april fool's joke. a two by four suddenly flew through the windshield when the driver was taking video of two reckless drivers. she was not hurt. she planned to send the video to thowned by the trucks. it's really not clear where that two by four came from. >> yeah. >> boy, she was lucky. >> extremely lucky. 8:0. a new challenger has en-- 8:20. a new challenger has entered the america cup's race.
8:21 am
this is interesting. how bagby pants may have been a -- baggy pants may have been a life-saver for one teen caught in a serious situation. >> traffic is gonna be disabled in sonoma county.
8:22 am
8:23 am
40 of every 1,000 american
8:24 am
teenaged girls gave birth in 2009. it's a 37% drop from 1991 when 70 of every 1,000 american teenaged girls gave birth but the u.s. still has one of the highest teen births in the -- in the nation. a new study on teen alcohol and drug use shows a disturbing trend. according to the metlife foundation study, 45% of teens think it's no big deal to drink five or more alcoholic drinks a day. it also shows the average age for first-time drinkers is 14. the studies show those who drink before 15 are more likely to have problems as adults. aer very lucky to be alive
8:25 am
today. this is -- a very lucky teenager is -- a very lucky tager this morning -- teenager this morning. his baggy life saved him. the baggy pants, this time, they came to his rescue against that alligator. >> and for anyone who visits, we don't have a lot of alligators, but they do move very fast. we want to check in with sal. >> sal? >> traffic is moving along slowly on 37. our newschopper2 looking at this and i know that our newschopper2 pilot does not wear baggy paints -- .s. you can see traffic is slow.
8:26 am
remember when sears point wassing ad something else? the name escapes me. can somebody help me -- >> why am i forgetting the name of the new sears point? >> we don't know yet. >> okay. they don't know. >> traffic is beginning to fill in. this morning's commute on 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. that traffic is moving along a bit slowly. 8:26. let's go to steve. you-- you got -- >> you have sunshine out there. not too bad for us. it will be kind of a chilly morning. temperatures, 40, 50s. one system came through weak. here comes the next one.
8:27 am
50, a lot of 50s in here. sanfrancisco, san jose, and mountain view, they said i can get better than that. livermore is 46. our system is swinging on down and it's coming right down out of the gulf of alaska. it has a lot of cold air with it. today, sunny for a while, then the wind will pick up later on. point ray just lighthouse has gusts off -- gusts over 45 miles an hour. by tonight, we cloud it up. some of the minimums, and don't forget your pets. saturday morning we could have some temperatures there freezing.
8:28 am
>> wow. >> yeah, i know, for april. >> 8:27. sanfrancisco's international airport's terminal 2 is ready to open. coming up at 8:45, tom vacar will take us inside the 6 40,000-square foot terminal said to be the most modern and sustainable terminal in the whole country. a south korean yacht club has been seamed as a challenge for the america cup held in san francisco in 2013. team korea says it will be known as the white tiger challenge. it's the first time that count has entered the competition. he hope theirs competition draws new people to the sport of sailing. the flap over a field trip. now, this one involves the age of the give and where they went. >> reporter: i'm -- i'm tara moriarty live in san francisco
8:29 am
where barry bonds has just arrived for his trial. tam-- and a bay area chef, cooked up a controversy.
8:30 am
8:31 am
barry bonds just arrived in court for what could be the biggest day yet of his perjury trial. ktvu's tara moriarty is outside the courthouse in san francisco. tara, what could happen today? >> reporter: well, the defense has said that it could put barry on the stand. we're not sure if they are saying this to throw off the prosecution, but in any case, bonds arrived here earlier than
8:32 am
usual. he's all business. the judge is considering dismissing one charge and also the tape recording with kimberly bell talked about his testiccal shrinking now, the judge did throw out an audiotape, where hoss kins -- hosskins had a conversation with dr. ting, bonds' physician. today, the fence really wants to grill hosskins about a portion of those tapes that we haven't heard. a
8:33 am
part that he says he was trying to distort money from him. tomorrow could be -- we could see closing arguments and then it would be in hands of the jury. back to you. >> and you can get updates on the bonds's trial by going to click on the "bonds's trial" tab and tune in for the ktvu news at noon, streaming live for latest on this morning's proceedings. federal authorities have charged two men with running an insider trading scheme that netted nearly $30 million with information stolen from the largest law firm in the silly -- silicon valley. san francisco police are searching for a man and a woman who attacked a political protesters who was -- political
8:34 am
protester who was carrying a controversial sign this all happened yesterday near golden gate park. the man is described as an asian with long black hair. the woman is described as 5'6" with long curly brown hair. the san francisco city attorney is suing a chef who owns a you can lin narery school over -- culinary school school over fraud. chef muller has not commented on the allegations. oakland police reporting a 5 percent drop in violent crime in one of the city's toughest parts. that's the central area including downtown oakland and neighbors on either side of
8:35 am
international boulevard. police say murders, assaults, robberies and burglaries are down sings the beginning of the year. students from the private all boys' town school went on a walking tour that included stops at the pin memorial park. this was a field trip. some parents were uncomfortable with this trip worried that the students would come across adult entertainment shops. all right. let's check in with sal for an update. >> i want to thank the viewers and tweeters. "sears point is now called the
8:36 am
infineon raceway." there is a truck disabled on 237 right near 121. newschopper was there a few moments ago. now newschopper is looking at 880. in you -- if you drive from vallejo to pinole and richmond, you need to add extra time. when you get to some of the other parts of -- parts of the bay area commute. let's take a look at the bay bridge tacoma. that's backed up for about a ten-minute -- bridge toll plaza. that's backed up for about a ten-minute delay. watch for slow traffic. getting to the south bay. 280 is not doing well. it's backed up from 101 all the way into coupe per tine know.
8:37 am
on a -- cupertino. on another note, maybe all of those people are going to their jobs. >> let's hope so. we have sunshine out there. some of the tweets have been very nice. spweather if have you a weather comment. walnut creek, lori says the sun is out. yes, it is. blue skies. temperatures are nice. mostly sunny here. sunny in the morning. a little breezy, not too bad and then the wind picks up. plunges south. the possibility of the thundershowers. it's mainly a cold system. it will give us a big change in our weather on thursday and also friday. low snow levels are possible. there will be probably a pretty good window of moderate show up in the sierra. maybe up to shafts ta, lassen.
8:38 am
it's moving quick -- to shasta/lassen. it's moving quick. the low itself is going over land. the front is going over water. so it has a little bit of oomph do it -- to it. but not a lot. the main impact will be cold air 50s, 60s. some fog is roaring down. not much difference here, pleasanton, 67. tomorrow, though, mostly cloudy, cloudy, cold, there will be some raining -- morning rain and it will be windy and cool into friday morning and
8:39 am
then cooler -- and then cooler. rebel fighters in libya are demanding more air strike support from nato. a rebel leader says nato air strikes are not as effective as the french, british and american fighters they replace. in recent days troops loyal to moammar gadhafi have forced the rebels to retreat. and new this morning, former u.s. congressman kurt weldon is in town. he met the leader in 2004. >> the key goal is to respond to what gadhafi told meal and that was, why didn't an american come and meet me face to face? i'm here to tell him face to face. it's time for him to leave. >> well done says his visit to libya at this time is not
8:40 am
official. he says colonel gadhafi invited him and the white house and congress are aware of his trip. today in italy, the prime minister berlusconi's high -- high-profile sex trial was ejected after -- ejected after -- ejected after it started pretty much. prosecutors say he used his influence to cover up a sex extent. the trial by the way, is scheduled to resume may 31st. california law makes are considering creating the nation's first law to control internet tracking. a do had the not-track call would protect consumers to collect information about their open light -- their -- about their on-line advertising.
8:41 am
this would reduce access to free content that's paid for by teasing. an initial hearing on the bill is scheduled for april 26th. the faa has ordered high- tech testing for certain older boeing 737s. the move comes after southwest jetliner was forced to make an emergency landing after a hole opened up the plane. 8:41. a california college student became the target of a freeway shooting. the one thing about this case you might find hard to believe. an 8-year-old pepper sprayed by police in colorado.
8:42 am
why police are saying their tactics are necessary and what the young boy who threatened the police did. contractors are putting the finishing touches on sfo's latest and greatest terminal. one you will be going through very soon. i'm that -- i will have that story next.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories we're following for you right now. minutes ago, there's barry bonds. we saw him live as he arrived at the courthouse in san francisco. barry bonds may take the witness stand in his own defense today. defense attorney allen ruby surprised everybody with that statement yesterday. investigators want to know the exact cause of a three- alarm fire last night in s an francisco's tenderloin district. six people were treated at the hospital. and in just a few hours there will be a bay bridge fund- raiser -- bay bridge fund- raiser. the event is being held by stow's colleagues in san jose. the money raised will help pay for his medical bills. terminal 2 at san francisco international airport is ready
8:46 am
for busy. it's called the most modern and sustainable terminal. it will be home to american airlines and virgin america. tom vacar joins us live now with a look inside -- inside the new terminal. >> reporter: what a job they did. about ten years after they closed, san francisco airports old international terminal becomes the new domestic terminal and you can see it on saturday? a third of $1 billion on time and under budget. it's the latest in a long string of bay area improvements. this new terminal will house american airlines one of the world's old -- one of the world's oldest and this one, one of the newest. this will free up important gate space in the international terminal allowing for the booming growth at pacific rim travel. we couldn't help but notice
8:47 am
thousands of bags marked test lined up everywhere waiting for a stress test before the terminal goes live now. the tsa wants to run an extra test on it. almost tried to break the system to see if it's possible just to make sure there aren't any hiccups on opening day. >> reporter: with this major project essentially done, three more projects will happen next. first, renovations to the united terminal to acomdade continental. next, construction of a new air traffic control tower. and finally, a renovation of terminal 1. >> all of these projects are stacked up -- are stacked up. we do feel it's an investment of the bay area future's. >> if you would like to see this, you can do that. but you need a ticket. and you can get that absolutely free by going to our website,
8:48 am
now section -- go to the now section. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, tom. thank you. 8:47. well, this morning. chp is out there searching for the gunman who shot a 21-year- old college student on a san diego county freeway. the university of san diego student was wounded while driving to school yesterday morning. now, investigators say she called her mother on her cell phone complaining of back paperwork. not knowing she had been shot. she then met with paramedics. they found the gunshot wound. that young lady underwent surgery and is expected to survive. more potential victims have been collected of the so called sleeper serial killer.
8:49 am
police released these photos and eight women who may have been killed by lonnie junior. a new mexico man could face charges for failing to report a death. police say the man drove to an emergency room yesterday with the body of a 33-year-old woman prop under in the passenger seat. he asked hospital staff to come outside and help his sick friend. hospital staff say they could tell by the smell that the woman had been dead for at least 24, 36 hours. police are defending their use of pepper spray on an 8- year-old boy. it happened in february in suburban city near denver. the boy started throwing a violent temper tantrum and
8:50 am
police say he had ripped some of the wood trim off the wall. >> i wanted to make something sharp so it they came out so mad. >> a police spokesman said the officers had no choice but to speller -- pepper spray him. the police have been calmed -- called to the school for his behavior, his mother said. big news for silicon valley, the announcement that will lead to hundred of new jobs. how some california school kids are getting a taste for the restaurant business.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
guess what? dell is putting out roots in silicon valley, just a couple of miles away from their rival, apple. they plan to build a new research and development campus in santa clara. know, the plans call for -- now, the plans call for 240,000 feet of office -- feet of office space. dell is expecting 700 employees to be working there by the end of the year. they plan to double that mirror in five years -- double that number in five years -- in five years. the us consumer products
8:54 am
safety commission has announced two voluntary recalls. the first is pampers natural stages, infant-ortho and ball pacifiers. they were sold at stores between april 2010 and february of this year. and 76,000 bedside sleepers are also being recalled because of a potentially hazardous fabric liner. if the fabric is not secured, instants can call in between or become trapped. these were told by burlington coat factories, babies are us and -- babies are u.s. some sacramento fourth graders are ready for the -- are ready for dinner. look at this. they have some music there as
8:55 am
we. this ten-week program started in february with the help of a different chef every week, and, of course, the enthuse asism of a -- enthusiasm of a fourth grader. >> we're introduces ourselves as chefs. >> that's what i'm saying. the bests paid 60 bucks apiece for last night's dinner. the kids will be all over california. the issue of homelessness may become a bigger issue for vallejo. they are considered bumping this up in ranking. that would require more money. right now the issue of homelessness ranks third on the list of five priorities. it comes after very low and low income renters and very low and first time home buysers. a new wireless network
8:56 am
could redirect your gps. a company is using on -- is working a new network. critics say that could interfere with everything from planes to police cars. government officials say they will block light square from turning on their network unless they are assured it will not cause a problem. a northern california soldier is being honored that you -- being honored today. marquez already received a medal from petraeus. he performed cpr on a little bill girl and brought the girl back too life. today, several military groups will meet at the all-wars memorial to pay tribute. the soldier heads back to afghanistan tomorrow. a woman in pleasanton got the shock of her life, after finding thousands of bees who built a nest inside of her porch.
8:57 am
she said she was driving when one of her children told her about "the problem." she was able to pull over. they called in a pest service and they called in a beekeeper who was able to pull the bees out. >> we need as many of those as we can. we want to check in one more time with sal. >> all right. good morning, that 237 truck crash is still there. new video in for -- in for newschopper2. they have to tow this away and clean up the diesel spill. the traffic was gonna be pretty slow, it sill is, approaching the infineon raceway, what people used to know as sears point. westbound 37 a little -- still slow. i think if you give it up a little bit -- i think if you
8:58 am
wait a little while, that will help this morning during the traffic. here's steve. thank you, sal. not bad. tomorrow cloudy, mostly cloudy, we'll start to clear it out on friday. giants home opener looks okay. but cool, breezy, and maybe downright windy at times. saturday will be fine but saturday morning could be two. >> wow. >> yeah. >> very cold for the middle of april. >> yes. >> that will do if for us. thanks for watching, everyone. >> bye now.
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